Goathead Productions
	Goathead Productions is a "Not For Profit" enthusiast group of hobbyists that pool

their resources for the benefit and proliferation of the "American Muscle Car" and it's place

in American automotive History.  Although not exclusive to the Pontiac GTO, the primary focus 

of Goathead is in this "Original American Muscle Car."
	Goathead was founded in 1999 by San Diego POCI Chapter members Greg Raymond 

and Bill Dunne shortly after Bill purchased a, and began researching the, 1974 Pontiac GTO. 

Several projects have been planned and are in the works to support the goals of Goathead

which are quite simply; to promote, archive and preserve our members experiences with the

American Muscle Car.
	Goathead serves also as an organizational body for a group of existing sites that

until now have had excellent success but little direction. In our link area you will be able to

jump directly to a wide variety of sites developed by Goathead members. In addition a

comprehensive rating system has been developed for sites that reside outside our immediate

	Aside from the promotion of items that support enthusiast groups and the charities 

that these groups contribute to, you will find nothing to buy from Goathead or its family of

websites.  Please enjoy the web sites and information that have been gathered and please

respect the copyrights and ownership of any element that may appear on any of our sites or

sites accessible via our extensive link exchange.

2018 Goathead Productions