1974 GTO FAQ

Could you order a 1974 GTO with a 400ci engine?

  • No, Pontiac only offered the 350ci 200hp engine in the 1974 GTO.

Could you get a 1974 GTO with a Manual transmission in the State of California?

  • No, 1974 GTO's sold in the State of California could only be ordered with the Turbo Hydra-matic transmission.

Parts seem difficult to come by - where can I buy them?

  • Parts from the 73-74 Chevy Nova, Olds Omega, Pontiac Ventura, or Buick Apollo may fit.  Refer to the parts number catalog under resources.  (By the way, I was told by Jim Wangers the "Green" letters spell out NOVA.  Interesting fact! )

  • I have found Ames Performance in New Hampshire to have the most reproduction parts and some NOS, but not many.  Check in Hemmings monthly under Pontiac and call the salvage yards.  They may have some of the cars above and the parts you need.  Also, check out Ebay $$$$$.

    The hardest parts to find?  "RTS"  (Radial Tuned Suspension) label that attaches to the dash by the ashtray, and any of the exterior emblems in decent shape.

    - Bill Dunne

  • According to the literature I got from PHS (for 350 V8):


    Bore and Stroke:  3.8762 X 3.750

    Cylinder Head Volume:  96.17cc

    Head Gasket Thickness:  .0425

    Deck Clearance:  .0038 (above block)  that would make it a negative deck clearance?


    With a piston valve relief = 0cc (no valve reliefs)


    I get exactly 8.0:1 compression ratio - which is what my shop manual says it should be (8.0:1) for a 350 2 bbl but doesn't list for a 350 4 bbl...  All the articles and books I've ever read claim the 74 GTO had a 7.6:1 compression ratio.

    - Adam Womack 

  • The '46' is cast onto the heads on the 74 GTO.  I've heard it described as cast on a pad on the head between the exhaust ports.  I think on a clean non-corroded head, you can see that the head has a slightly raised and flat pad/square/rectangle with the 46 cast on top of this thin pad. 


    To the best of my knowledge, the 74 GTO head is the only 46 head produced in 74 with screw-in studs.  All other 46 heads in 74 had pressed in studs.


    I believe there was another 46 screw-in stud head but I think it was produced in maybe '68 so checking date codes will eliminate this head.

    - Charlie in Tennessee



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