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Welcome to 74GTO.com.                                                                    

	The site you are visiting has been assembled by the members of Goathead 

Productions. Our intent is to offer a peek at the tail end of development of the first decade 

of the Original American Muscle Car, The GTO.  



	Almost forgotten, the GTO fizzled out of existence after the 1974 model year. By

this time the once mighty GTO had been reduced to an option on the Pontiac Ventura. Forced

out  by an onslaught of government regulations, high insurance premiums and an unstable 

gasoline market, the GTO went out with little fight.
	What is commonly ignored is how rare the 1974 GTO actually is. With a mere 

7,058 GTO's being built in '74 it rises to the top of the list as one of the most rare GTO's 

produced. Built in two body styles, Coupe (5,335) and hatchback Coupe (1,723), very few have 

been preserved. Goathead Productions understands the heritage of the GTO and has taken

the steps to help the public understand this final representative of the Pontiac GTO. This site

is filled with, and will continue to accumulate information, data and facts on the 1974 GTO.

Most importantly Goathead Productions will undergo the complete restoration of one of these

very rare and very misunderstood GTO's including a step by step photographic archive of

the process.
	With the return of the GTO in 2004, it becomes even more important to understand 

where this vehicle has come from, preserving every level of success, no matter what the 

climate of public opinion in that era was. Please enjoy the content of this site. Your input,

resource submissions, as well as commentary is solicited.

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